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Property Management in Virginia Beach, VA

Coastal Group Inc.

How We'll Help With Your
Virginia Beach Property Management Needs

We provide comprehensive, reliable, cost effective services for
our residential and commercial owners and their tenants.

What Sets Coastal Group Inc Apart From the Rest?

A different level of service and systems

We Actually Know Your Name

The work "Group" in our name is the focus of our operations. You get the benefit and services of our entire Team. Our approach is to ensure that all functions are important but not "urgent." We like to get the job done with as few touches and delays as possible. Personal Contact is available to you via your Owner Portal, text, email, phone, zoom, or in person. Each team member has a specialty, and can assist with any general question or task. By specializing; ie leasing, repair management, inspections, accounting, we improve accuracy and accountabily, and reduce over-burdened work environments. We do provide twice a month financial reporting, monthly updates on our marketplace, personal, customized service unique to your property. Your Owner Portal gives you complete visual access to all aspects of your property's management processes and financial reporting. Our periodic Blogs give you up-to-date market ideas on best practices for your property.

We are Experienced Pro's

We have in excess of 40 year's personal property management experience at the Broker level, and more importantly a "Team Approach" to working with your property. Most companies assign one overwhelmed property manager to you (and too many other owner accounts.) Our Team Approach provides a much more responsive, measured result. It's about relationships, service, and delivery.

Our Systems and Processes

Utilizing the most advanced technologies, with the most ease of access, makes for an Owner-centric, but Tenant-friendly experience. Our responsible tenants give us high ratings for responsiveness and results. We use Buildium,, Landlord Verification, TransUnion, REIN Multiple Listing Service, CREXI commercial listing service, TRUIST Banking, DropBox, DocuSign, Authentisign, Carbonite, Malware Bytes, Google services, and so on, to ensure great results.

We Love When Our Virginia Beach Area Clients are Happy

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Steve Pope

After 10 years of experience I can honestly say the people at Coastal Group Inc are an absolute dream to work with. They respond quick, take care of my interests, and always keep me well informed. I can't imagine there being a better place to take care of my rental needs.
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Ricardo Reyes

I've been using Coastal Group to manage my property since 2016. They found excellent renters within the first two weeks of working with them. Those renters paid on time for 4 years before moving on this Summer. Coastal Group provided that information to me with ample lead time so I could plan around not having renters. As a precaution, I planned on at least three months without rental income in my personal budget in anticipation of the property being vacant. Turns out, they did it again! The property had renters lined up within the first week of being vacant.
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Reviews from our customers and clients

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What Are the Benefits of Working With the Coastal Group Inc?


As local rental market experts, we can get your property rented for top dollar. This way, you're certain that you aren't leaving money on the table.


Our efficient systems and processes make tasks such as, rent collection and repairs hassle-free. This ensures you maintain financial consistency.

Peace of Mind

Trying to manage your rental property yourself can be frustrating and in some cases, risky. With Coastal Group Inc managing your property, you can relax and enjoy life.




Areas That We Serve

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