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New Family in Norfolk: Family Feasts on a Budget (No Grease Required!)

Hey there, fellow Norfolk newcomers! Finding family-friendly, budget-conscious eats in a new city can be tricky. You want good food, happy tummies, and wallets that don't scream in protest. Forget greasy fast food; we're about to embark on a delicious adventure through Norfolk's affordable, hidden gems!


  • Breakfast Champions:

  • Hair of the Dog Eatery: Bright and bubbly, this spot whips up yummy (and healthy!) breakfast bowls and kid-approved pancakes. Bonus? Check out their weekend brunch buffets!

  • Little Dog Diner: Craving classic diner vibes? Little Dog hits the spot with fluffy omelets, crispy waffles, and milkshakes that fuel family memories.

  • Lunchtime Adventures:

  • Granby Street Pizza: Who doesn't love pizza? Granby Street throws gourmet toppings on perfectly chewy crusts, and their lunch specials won't break the bank.

  • The Grilled Cheese Bistro: Cheese dreams come true here! From ooey-gooey mac and cheese to creative grilled cheese combos, every bite is a melty masterpiece.

  • Dinner Delights:

  • Tastebuds & Tipsy Toes: Vietnamese street food heaven awaits! Fresh rolls, savory noodle bowls, and kid-friendly stir-fries satisfy at wallet-friendly prices.

  • No Frill Bar & Grill: Comfort food galore! Think juicy burgers, crispy chicken fingers, and salads big enough to share. Bonus? Playful outdoor seating keeps little ones entertained.

Don't Miss:

  • Weekly specials: Many restaurants offer deals on specific days. Taco Tuesdays, anyone?

  • Early bird specials: Beat the rush and score discounts on early dinners.

  • Takeout & delivery: Enjoy restaurant goodness in the comfort of your new home.


So, there you have it! Norfolk's treasure trove of affordable, family-friendly eats awaits. Grab your crew, dive in, and discover that delicious adventures don't require fancy price tags. Bon appétit, Norfolk newbies!



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